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We manage a full range of active and quantitative investment products, covering equity, fixed income, money markets, and alternative strategies.

Our focus

Asia: Home to many world-class companies, Asia will emerge stronger than ever as it pushes through structural reforms and unlocks growth.

Emerging World: With growing economies, lower debt and positive demographics, emerging markets are poised to overtake the developed world.

Global Specialties: Investment strategies that capture long-term trends or benefit from structural changes across sectors and regions offer the prospect of stable returns and diversified risk.

We are renowned to deliver premium services in:
• Equities
• Fixed income
• Wealth management services
• Multi-asset
• Alternatives
• Mutual funds
• Risk management

Wealth Management Services

Witter Financial Group delivers individually tailored solutions that help preserve, grow and transfer wealth for high-net-worth individuals and families, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and select institutions including foundations and endowments. Witter Financial Group Private Wealth Management provides a range of regionally specific wealth services, including asset and liability management, facilitation of philanthropic gifting and planning for future generations. At the core of this offering is a highly personalized, service-intensive approach in which private wealth teams serve as a focal point for delivering the full capabilities of Witter Financial Group to our clients.

Witter Financial Group Direct
A private label custody solution focused on enhancing our clients' local market competitiveness
Witter Financial Direct is a custody solution that helps our clients increase their global market access and streamline operational efficiencies by leveraging Witter Financial Group’s state of the art custody infrastructure.
Witter Financial Group Direct was developed to enable our clients to compete and grow share more effectively in their local market.  This specialized service provides access to our infrastructure, sub custody network and market expertise.  We work with our clients to customize a solution to suit their business objectives and strategies.

Witter Financial Group Direct model offers:
• Integration with our core client operations platform
• Corporate action tools
• Inquiry management tools
• Segregated client level recordkeeping
• Private-labeled client reporting via the web

Benefits to our clients include:
• Protecting and growing revenue
• Increasing capability and capacity
• Containing costs
• Controlling capital expenditure
• Leveraging Witter Financial Group’s  technology & expertise

Improved Business Processes
Offers modular and flexible solutions that streamline operations and data transmission across multiple counterparties
Our modular and flexible solutions help global clients focus on their core business by solving numerous challenges across their operations, including:

• Outbound trade, foreign exchange and payment instruction transmission
• Fund order messaging with distributors
• Sub-advisor automation
• Corporate action notifications and responses
• Integration with external processing utilities
• Separately Managed Account automation with plan sponsors
• Industry standard communication
• Access into new global markets

Witter Financial Group offers modular and flexible solutions that streamline operations and data transmission across multiple counterparties.
Secure, flexible workflow tools provide a single window to monitor, instruct, review, correct, update, and release instructions to providers based on your custom requirements.
• Maintain control over your communications by reviewing the real-time status of your message and file transmissions, and perform research through a tool that provides detailed research capability.
• Input trade instruction, FX, money movement, corporate actions, and free format messages in an intuitive, secure web-based screen
• Review and update messages held in a repair queue that have been either negatively acknowledged by SWIFT or meet custom client-defined business rules.
• View and control your custom, time sensitive information in real-time such as reference (e.g., market, security and currency identifiers), translation and rules (standing settlement instructions).
• Identify and act upon failed or failing trades across multiple custodians in a real-time environment, and actively manage and reduce settlement risk with custom management reporting.

Global Custody
Delivering global custody services to asset managers and financial institutions
Our Global Service Model incorporates our operational expertise, client service, local relationship management and market intelligence to deliver insightful data over our single Global Operating Platform.  Our service model is never one size fits all.
Witter Financial Group Custody services include:
• Daily market intelligence
• Tools for risk mitigation
• Industry leading straight-through processing (STP)  and automation
• Flexible delivery of information
• 24x7 online inquiry tracking and resolution
• Consultation on industry best practices for back and middle office platforms
• Integrated execution services including foreign exchange, brokerage and securities lending

Network Management
Our Network Management has established expertise investing in close to 100 markets. Our Global Service Model, local market intelligence and industry relationships come together to offer clients the local expertise with global insight to successfully navigate entry into emerging and frontier markets.
We appoint multiple non-captive, subcustodian banks to diversify risks, improve information, inspire competition and benchmark a statistical and qualitative comparison of all of the service providers within the market.  All subcustodian banks within our network are monitored based on their:
• Financial strength
• Commitment to the business
• Service quality
• Sophistication of technology and operations
• Local market expertise and industry presence
• Value