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Clients First – A Higher Standard of Care

We follow a fiduciary duty standard of care. This is the highest legal duty of care for a client’s welfare, and one we gladly accept. A "fiduciary" is defined as one often in a position of authority who obligates himself or herself to act on behalf of another and assumes a duty to act in good faith and care, candor, and loyalty in fulfilling its obligations. In other words, we are legally and morally obligated to put our client's interests first; as opposed to brokers, who are legally obligated to put their employer's interests first.

We provide fee-only investment management, with our fees based on a percentage of the assets that we manage - without commissions or any "fine print" incentives based on the products that our clients purchase. As a result, we are free to be completely impartial in our counsel regarding financial assets. Because we are not beholden to any investment product or provider, we are uniquely qualified to offer truly objective insight and financial advice. The criteria we use to determine each recommendation is simple:

What course of action is best for the client?

By operating in this independent, transparent manner, Witter Financial Group has not only earned a reputation for integrity, objectivity and fiduciary responsibility, we have earned the trust of our valued clients as well.

Client Success
The most important investment we make is the time spent building meaningful relationships with our clients and helping them realize their personal and financial goals. We have an uncompromising commitment to provide world-class client service and meet every client's highly individualized wealth management needs.

Each client benefits from our entire team of professionals.  We also help integrate their existing professional relationships such as attorneys, accountants and insurance agents to ensure that everyone understands the client’s desires and needs and collaborates as a team. Our constant focus is to help our clients achieve their goals, experience long-term success and improve the quality of their lives.

Academic Research-Based Investment Approach
Our approach to investing is based on academic research. We build portfolios that diversify within and across asset classes in order to decrease risk while maintaining similar (or even the same) expected returns. We subscribe to the Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory, which is based on these basic concepts:
• Markets process information extremely efficiently
• Diversification within and across asset classes is of utmost importance
• Passive asset class fund portfolios can be designed with the expectation of delivering over time the highest expected returns for a chosen level of risk

Practice What We Preach
We invest our own personal assets and the assets in our profit sharing plan using this same approach. We follow the same set of investment principles and use the same or comparable securities that we recommend to our clients.