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Investment Principles
We are value investors: We believe prices often overshoot fundamentals, and we seek to take advantage of mispricing created by short-term volatility.
We invest with a margin of safety:  Mispricing gives us the opportunity to purchase investments at discounted valuations, i.e. an added margin of safety. When attractive valuations are not available, we maintain cash, Treasury, or other liquid reserves.
We aim to preserve capital through independent research: We are committed to deep fundamental research and we have made it a foundation of our investment process. We commit capital only to durable, transparent, well-managed and appropriately structured investments.
We take a long-term approach: In some cases, the market will not recognize the additional value in a bond prior to maturity.  Therefore, we invest with a long-term approach, applying discipline, patience, and an ownership perspective.
We let value opportunities drive portfolio construction: Our security selection and sector weightings build “bottom-up” from the depth and availability of attractively priced opportunities, not “top-down” from benchmarks, ratings, or macro-thematic views.
We foster a culture of transparency, process discipline, and open debate: We believe these principles, lead to greater objectivity and better decisions.

Foreign Exchange
Trusted, reliable and competitive. We put clients’ interests first. Long-term client focus means competitive pricing.
We provide our global clients with the consistent and seamless FX trading coverage and local market expertise that they depend on in today´s challenging investing market. Our full array of foreign exchange services are offered 24 hours a day through our New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong relationship management centers.   At Witter Financial Group we operate on a single, internal P&L, so our clients can be confident that their successful market activities are our priority.

Comprehensive Execution Services
Witter Financial Group is a committed market maker delivering executions in spots and forwards for all freely traded currencies. Our unique pricing model along with our position as a leader in the emerging markets enables us to provide our clients with quick and competitive quotes. We provide our clients with expert advice and strategies to help them evaluate and manage risk.

Innovative FX Products and Solutions
We develop solutions for global investors with global investors, offering a range of innovative and flexible online products and solutions specifically developed for their distinctive needs. We offer clients a multitude of channels to execute foreign exchange transactions.  Our clients can deal directly with the foreign exchange trading desk through one of our online FX trading systems. Witter Financial Group is also a member of several industry portals. These offerings give our clients the ability to trade FX using their system of choice.

Currency Strategy and Emerging Market Expertise
We complement our trading products with an outstanding global currency research team, providing clients with comprehensive top down currency analysis that combines fundamental, geo-political, and technical analysis.
Our emerging market specialists are well versed in the complex regulatory, tax, and reporting requirements for over 50 emerging market currencies. We work closely with clients and their tax and legal advisors to determine how these regulations apply to FX transactions and may impact their investment strategy.
We complement our award winning foreign exchange trading products with outstanding global currency research, providing clients with comprehensive top down currency analysis that combines fundamental, geo-political, and technical analysis.  Our currency strategy team delivers objective currency research, unbiased currency views, and trade ideas that help clients maximize opportunities in an ever-changing market environment.

Endowments & Foundations
Witter Financial Group appreciates the value of longevity and creating a legacy for the future. Our long-term view gives us unique insight into the needs of endowments & foundations, which strive to provide support to worthy causes over an infinite time horizon. Witter Financial Group has tremendous experience helping non-profits and charitable organizations protect and grow their assets over time to enable them to execute their stated missions.
As a leader in managing assets for endowments and foundations, Witter Financial Group has expertise in helping clients navigate the challenges associated with uncertain inflows and investment performance used to fund significant annual spending commitments. To help overcome these challenges, Witter Financial Group serves both endowment & foundation clients who seek to leverage our full suite of investment advisory, asset allocation and risk management services, and those with in-house asset allocation professionals seeking single mandate investment strategies.

Endowment & Foundation Clients Seeking Investment Advisory Services
We help endowments and foundations to reach their financial goals by building an investment and asset allocation plan designed to achieve returns in excess of annual spending plus inflation, while mitigating risk of permanent capital impairment. We strive to do this by employing investment strategies, both proprietary and third-party, that aim to both preserve principal and maximize the total return of portfolios over long periods of time.
Witter Financial Group’s proprietary investment teams manage leading equity, fixed income, and alternative investment strategies and also select best-in-class third party investment partners to create diversified portfolios for our clients. Our pursuit of investment excellence is complemented by a suite of services tailored to endowment and foundation clients including record keeping, tax and accounting through Client Tax Services and fiduciary services.
Many Witter Financial Group Partners are personally involved with non-profits and charitable organizations. Insights garnered from board service, coupled with their experience transitioning Witter Financial Group management from one generation to the next, provide our clients with a valuable perspective on organizational issues, governance and board composition, and spending rate management.